It is well known that the dominos game originated in china and their version of it is still played today even in casinos and known as Pai gow, which is a very famous version of dominos. Its popularity has spread to all other countries too and now with the reach of tech ology the whole world knows about dominos. The block and draw versions are the ones that people relate to and play it often. The modern set of dominos is used to play the above. Play with dominoqq online.

How block and draw are played

Block game is the easiest to play as well as learn, usually played by tow players and they are opponents of each other. Each game will have number of rounds of play before a person finally wins the game with the most score. Here the winner is based on the lowest number of pips the winner has in hand at the end of play. Which he/she has to end by saying the word ‘domino’ to say that they have completed all their tiles and hence concluded the game. Enjdominoqq onlineoy with

The score is then settled with totalling all the pips of the other players minus the pips the winner has in his/her hands. Here the rules for draw in the case of this game, the players take five tiles if more players are present unlike seven in the block game. Here larger sets are required for playing to accommodate a greater number of players to play the game. The remaining tiles of the pile are used which is not done in the game of block. Once the players have picked the tiles from the pile the remainder are placed in a pile which would be their boneyard. In the draw a player must keep picking from the boneyard till they find a suitable tile and if they aren’t able to then they will pass, unlike the block game wherein they can pass if they don’t want to pick more than one tile.